Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today, I am hoping to tell you about a new discovery:  LEGOs.  Well, they are a new medium for me.  Due to my coworker's influence, I have incorporated LEGO play into my work with children.  It is so great to see the themes which arrive in our imaginative play.  I often guide the more violent images that these children want to work on with more heroic type play.  We work out solutions to the aggressive acts of the shark in the LEGO ocean, and design rescue scenarios.  I won't ever be the same for adding this element.  Why?  Well, I never played with LEGOs myself.  My imagination was shaped by the Barbies of my neighbors and friends (yeah, I had none myself).  I work with a male counselor who contributed a large LEGO collection to our materials. 
This, as I said, was life-changing.  Even when first working with the items, I felt that they could not be useful.  Maybe even used them as a reward for working hard during the counseling session.  Then, I realized the LEGOs were just the medium to reach my students, male and female alike.  Hope you discover something new today!

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