Saturday, May 26, 2012

This week, I saw a family needing help with discipline of their third grader.  This family has been willing to go through much of the Parenting with Love and Logic book with me.  I am very impressed with the techniques given to parents in this book.  It is a great way to introduce some key concepts necessary for any parent:  natural consequences and empathetic responses.  I can't say I always do it right with my parenting.  Each day, we have more of a chance to get it right.  God gives us the new day....and I try to use this new day to direct my life towards him.  At work and at home....but especially with kids who need a little God in their lives.
As a social worker in a school, I am able to use art and play to meet a child where they are emotionally.  This chance to just see them and their needs as a them a touch of God.  I don't have to share that is where my energy comes from.  That God tells me what they need.  I don't plan much, God does.  He prepares the counseling session.  Thank the Lord. I hope He meets you at work and home too.

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