Saturday, June 2, 2012

Today, we finished a new family group that operated once a week for three weeks.  We had two separate groups running with first graders in one and fifth graders in the other.  The group utilized the Lowenstein's book Creative Interventions for Children of Divorce.  Here is a link:

It was an active group, but each of the activities were very helpful to keep this bunch busy and enjoying the discussion.  The first graders got different things from it then the fifth graders, I am sure.
In the last session, we used the activity called "Heads and Tails" for the first graders.  The activity had the group members flip a coin and use the head or tail to determine which activity they did, either an answer to a question or complete more active request.  Then the children completed an activity which answered 'How do my parents show their love'?  The children in the first grade group reminded each other with more standard concrete representations of their love.  They wrote 'buy me toys,' 'buy me food,' and 'buy me clothes.'  The group then discussed how they could show their love to their family.  This is a very useful book to address problems for children of separated families even if their parents were not 'divorced.'  There were many more activities than I could use in the six weeks of the group.  So many resources are available now then when I began to counsel young children.  So fun.

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