Sunday, September 16, 2012

I have been super inspired about the options for sensory play in the  blogs I have been reading.
I created this idea to use popcorn and measuring cups and spoons for the kids to play with.  I just happened to have a popcorn bucket.  A happy accident.  My youngest, B, was not so excited about the sensory bucket at first.  But then, he was all about it.  Using a spoon to make the popcorn fall into the bucket and make a sound became his favorite activity in the end.  It made a sound like rain fall.  So, of course, I had to sing “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.  Barney’s friends all want to play.  Rain, rain go away.”  The kids, my older daughter, J, nine years of age, play with the bucket for 45 minutes.  They added B’s cars at last, and created their own play.

Another idea I found in a blog includes the light tray made in from a clear storage container.  I used this inspiration to expand the play with an booster tray simply because I had no clear container.  Battery operated lights showed the shapes of the items on the tray.  First I utilized some magnet shapes but the shapes were not new in our play.  The nature items found outside were more interesting, but some were a little ‘prickly’ so they were maybe not as exciting to my older, more sensitive, daughter, J.  Due to her Down Syndrome, she is sometimes too cautious.  But the stencil and crayon play excited her.  We also drew some freehand flowers which she also enjoyed. 
Given more time, I think we can find even more things to use for a light tray, like a house key, feather, kitchen utensils.  You tell me what you think!