Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today, I saw a student who I've seen for some time.  He asked if we could do a simple activity I’ve used in the past.  You use a bouncing ball to land in a basket.  The basket can be anything, but it is fun to use a round basket, as it will sometimes spin itself in or out.
So, the purpose is to have the ball bounce a number of times prior to landing in the basket.  I ask the child to fill in a sentence completion item prior to bouncing the ball.  I will often also fill in the statement.  Suggestions include:  “The last time I was angry was____________________.”  “I was angry at my_________________.”  “I solved the disagreement by__________________.”  “The last time I told a friend about my ‘sad’ was____________________.”  You can make the activity more interesting by placing the basket on a table top, desk top, or countertop.
This activity seems to break down a lot of barriers.  I enjoy it and so does the student.  Here is another chance to make the session about the child, giving them an outlet for fun but also reflection.

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