Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am so thankful for family today, Thanksgiving.  I wanted to put this up on my blog to let them know.  Here is a free printable from a lovely blog site:

I can see a great many purposes for this printable in therapy.  I am envisioning printing the statement, then adding the client's description in their own writing to the printable.  This would be a nice way to repair a relationship between child and parent.  You could also do it as a filial therapy assignment where the two talk to each other through their entries on the printable.  Such as "you make my day!" and "you are so kind to me!".  I often make suggestions to get this kind of assignment started.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Hope your day is fun and filled with memories and family moments!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

it's a great party...only more fun...many ideas for great plans for kids!

I've been really super busy.  I did get my job back in the school...It has been amazing moving back in.  I'm in a different school now.
The kids may need me more here, as there seems to be a great interest in the social work aspects of my position. I will be able to use those networking and problem solving skills I have developed in my studies and research.
But also, I am excited about the space that I will have to do some of the activities. I have begun to look again at how other blogs can lend themselves to great ideas for child therapy and play therapy, not to mention filial therapy!  Hope you enjoy this link, and that you join me in this research.  Comments anyone on the ideas found here? or other ideas found at other sites?  Let's share, or let's party!
God's blessings on your work and your play!