Friday, January 8, 2016

New client ideas

I had a new client this week who I knew had anxiety.  I used a tool I have used in the past. Stickums. These are sticks made of wax. They allow so much creativity.  This client's fear is people. I did only an intake and was not sure he would share so much.
Hoping he would share, I gave him the stickums and said like McDonald's has their logo: the golden arches, I would like you to create a symbol of your worry.  He soon completed a "monster" shaped creature. When he shared what he came up with,  he identified it as "people. " His interest and willingness to speak (not an easy task for him) was astounding. This boy is in the fifth grade. He has quite a few signs of selective mutism, but we won't be stating that just yet.
Hope this sparks your own ideas for hands on activities.  They make such a difference!

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