Monday, February 17, 2014

Cool and In School Club

We are about to start another round of our Cool and In School incentive parties.  The program was started by an intern I worked with at the last school I provided social work services in.  We developed the concept together.  The idea was to encourage children to attend school and attend school on time.  These children were chosen for this group based on their ability to be on time or in school.  Many had trouble getting to school and the chosen for that purpose.  We decided on a minimum number of days absent or late to be enrolled in the program.  At the present school I work with another intern on the concept and have developed an even more expansive program.  We track attendance and then invite children to parties on a quarterly basis.  My intern, Dana, is very creative and finds some fabulous themes for our parties.  We have had a happy Owl-o-Ween party. We have decorated Easter eggs, created Valentines, and had a science party as well.  It has made a significant difference in attendance for children who were really struggling.  I will try to attach pictures of the parties so you can see some of the cool ideas.   Of course Pinterest has helped.  Hope you like the idea and use it at your school!

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