Sunday, July 8, 2012

Well blog readers,
I am wondering how to work out summer organizing of your resources.  Checking in with God every day is the key to making this treatment thing work.  God uses resources to guide us.  So, the best we can do is to organize these so that God can bring them to the forefront just when needed. 
When you look at your calendar for the day, you should be able to recognize the student's primary needs following your intake of course.  The needs might include a long list:  self esteem, poor impulse control, lying, hyperactivity, etc.  But you have to focus on the most important for the time or the child's circumstances.  If the child is facing problems due to their lying at school or at home, then the activity of the day should focus on this problem.
If the child has had problems with impulsivity, such as touching others in line at school or invading other's space, then that would be the treatment concern.
Forgive me for being elemental in this discussion.  I know there are others out there new to the field or unclear of how to begin in this position in a school setting.  
Blessings on how the Lord uses you and your resources to make the student more aware of the appropriateness of their behavior.  Success will come!

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