Monday, July 16, 2012

Here is another idea for our resource collection.  You can do it simply...or more complicated.  Let me explain.  The tissue paper craft allows you to discuss feelings as well as you do with spin art (previous post).  In the blog that follows, you will see how to make it more complicated with the use of contact paper.  I should think you could try it both ways.  Here is the link:

In a more simple way, use a shape such as a heart, rainbow, or even just a star or oval to contain the craft.  Either draw it freehand on a piece of construction paper or cut the shape from construction paper.  Then, either cut tissue paper into squares or tear into any shape.  Using glue sticks or liquid glue (a preferred method), cover the shape with the glue.  Place the tissue paper into the glue.  With use of liquid glue, the paper colors will meld together.  This helps in the discussion of how feelings sometimes blend together. 

Anyone have other ideas on how to explain how feelings sometimes blend together making them difficult to explain?  I would love for us to share these and gain a great toolkit for use in our treatment!

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